As part of major revamp to integrate processes at the rolling mill, the company has set up a wire coil manufacturing plant. The Enderneborner coiler can manufacture high quality wire coils of 5.5 mm and 6 mm sizes.

These wire coils are then further processed to smaller required diameters using wire-drawing machines for feeding to the value addition plant.

Our coiler has a capacity to manufacture 108 metric tonnes of wire coils in a single day.

Description of wire coil:

Mild steel wire rod:  5.5 mm

Coil Weight: 180 kg to 200 kg per coil

Coil Dimension: Outer diameter-500 to 550 mm; Inner diameter 380 to 430 mm; Height 270 to 300 mm.

Packaging: Each coil is strapped with metallic straps.

Common grades: IS 2062/2006, IS 2879/1998, SWR-14, SWR-10, SAE 1008, SAE1010

Chemical Composition

Specification C % Mn %

S %


P %


SAE 1010 0.08 – 0.13 0.30 – 0.60 0.05 0.04
SWR-14 0.14 Maximum 0.70 Maximum 0.05 0.04


SWR-14, SAE-1010 Bolt, nut, rivets, screw, wire nail, fencing wire, wire netting, bright bar, and other general engineering applications.