Perfect Nails are product made from our in-house wire coils. These are steel wire rods pointed at one end and flat or umbrella-headed at the other. Commonly, they hammered through articles to join them.

Wire nails are widely used in building construction, wood industries, packaging industries, shoemaking, furniture industries, laminates industries and carpentry, among others.

Product Sizes

Sl. No. Nail size SWG Size in mm
1 17 1.473x19
2 12/13/14/15/16 2.769x50; 2.413x45; 2.11x38; 1.83x32; 1.65x25 mm
3 8/9/ and 10 4.19x101; 3.76x90; 3.40x65 mm
4 6 5.16x125 mm
5 5 5.5x150 mm

Wire nail manufacturing

A gripping device pulls the wire from the coil through a five-roller straightening apparatus and pushes it forward so that just the right amount of wire lies beyond the anvil for the head to be formed. The clamping jaws then close and hold the wire tightly while the hammer forges the nail head.

The jaws open again and the wire with ready-formed head is fed according to the length of the nail desired. The jaws now close again and two opposing cutters cut off the nail and, at the same time, form the shaped point. The ejector now throws the wire into the delivery portion before the hammer forms a head. This is a continuous and automatic process. 

The wire nails are finally polished in a polishing machine to give desired finish.

To meet certain specified dimensions and properties of nails, we adopt a method known as statistical process control. Here, periodically, random samples are tested for dimensions and properties. The process involves statistical analysis techniques that evaluate any changes.

Perfect Wire Nails are of the highest quality yet reasonably priced.