Our binding wire is made from 5.5 mm wire coils that are drawn to the required diameter by passing the wire through a series of wire-drawing machines. The final size is bundled to standard weight and then annealed in an electrical heater.


Product sizes

SWG Size in mm
20 0.812
18 1.024
12 2.053

Note: We also supply customized sizes between 1 mm-5 mm


  • Binding wire is used for binding reinforcement slabs, metal mesh processing, beams, walls, columns and so on. In particular, it is used in concrete construction. Binding wire secures re- bars of different diameters.
  • When you need to install fences and barriers, binding wire is used for making ropes, cables, springs, nails and electrodes. Through a combination of flexibility and strength, binding wire is indispensable to various elements of all kinds of structures. In particular, it strengthens ceilings.
  • Binding wire is used in various industries for packing finished products.
  • Binding wire is used in the production of welded wire mesh and barbed wire. Barbed wire is made of knitting nets with diameters of between1.4 mm to 2.8 mm.